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Educational Services Division


Department Name Title Ext.
Educational Services Lori Thompson Assistant Superintendent 269
  Letty Talamantes Administrative Assistant 269
Assessment, Student Information, Educational Technology Marvin Creech Director 253
  Debbie Haines Director's Secretary 253
Categorical Programs Rosa Vasquez Director 268
Child Welfare & Attendance Cedric deVisser Director 254
  Laura Westbrook Director's Secretary 258
Duplication Services Robin Estrada Duplication Operator 237
Professional Development Department Monica MacAuley Teacher on Assignment 341
  Jimi Gillespie Teacher on Assignment 242
Student Services Ben Rich Director 275
  Nancy Solomon Director's Secretary 275
  Elisa Reyes Secretary I 274
  Beth Freer Teacher on Assignment 250
  Hiam Abujudeh Nurse  
  Rebecca Emery Nurse  
  Annemarie Valadez Nurse  
  Dana Bailey Nurse  
  Diana Gutierrez Psychologist  
  Mark Beckett Psychologist  
  Christy Bock Psychologist  
  Andrea Albini Psychologist  
  Karen Cheng Psychologist  
  Ron Davis Psychologist  
  Oscar Gutierrez Psychologist  
  Lori Sortino Psychologist  
  Judy Trimble Psychologist